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Stretching is a fundamental way to improve overall flexibility and range of motion.
By incorporating a regular flexibility program into your exercise routine you will improve: posture, muscles tension, circulation, and fuller, deeper breathing.
Due to sedentary lifestyles or over working and stressed muscles, people develop excessive resting muscle residual tension or “tonus”, stretching works with the central nervous system to re-establish a more ideal resting muscle tone.
Especially with a one to one class, having me provide a moderated external force in the stretch, deeper relaxation can be achived allowing for greater focus of the feeling of the stretch.

Duration of the class can be: 30, 60, 90min.

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Pilates Mat

Pilates is safe and gentle, many of the exercises are performed in reclining or

sitting position.

It’s also challenging and increase the intensity as your body conditioning improves.

You develope a strong center of the body, flat abdominals and a strong back.

Pilates elongate and strengthens, improving muscles elasticity and joint mobility; create and evenly conditioned body, improves sport performance, and prevent injuries.

Duration of the class can be: 60 or 90min.

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As well as being such a unique art form, ballet is particularly useful in todays fast paced environment; simply by listening to classical music it reduces the brains activity.
Concentration whilst dancing means you are distracted from the many other thoughts that plague us during the day.
It helps coordinating your upper body and lower body movements.
It is a good exercise, there is a lot of cardio and you can work on your flexibility.
By adding the benefits of the Pilates exercises you actually learn how to control your body.

Duration of the class can be: 60 or 90min.

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Giulia Consoli
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