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Classes in Zurich Seefeld
Villa Egli, Hoschgasse 4
Pilates Mat – Cardio Ballet+Pilates+Stretch

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Body Concept Boutique

Become in tune with your body

Assisted Stretching

Muscle tightness from improper stretching and inadequate rest and recovery can lead to injuries and chronic soreness.

Teach your body how to release and let go while receiving a gentle, deep stretch.

When you stretch on your own you’re actually creating tension instead of releasing it; you have to grab and pull, and that defeats the purpose.

The aim of stretching is to not just increase flexibility but also reduce tension.

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Giulia Consoli

Giulia Consoli
Giulia Consoli

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Become in tune with your body

    Villa Egli, Hoschgasse 4, Zurich
    +(41) 76 787 17 64